Neutral + Wide Grip Pull-up Bar Attachment

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** Limited Edition Item **

You asked, we listened. Introducing the Neutral Grip with wide grip pull-up bar attachment.  Perform standard pull-ups, wide-grip, neutral and chin-ups.

This is a limited edition item so it sells out fast and ships in 30 days.


What are the dimensions and what does it weigh?

When the Home Gym base and side panels are all stacked flatly, the dimensions are 43.5 x 23.5 x 6.92.
The perfect size to fit under your bed.
Weight of base = 38 lbs
Weight of attachments and panels = 64 lbs

What are the weight limitations for the pullup bar?

The pullup bar is tested up to 300lbs. As with iron and other metals, it actually gets stronger the more it's used.

Is it sturdy when working out?

Yes! The Home Gym was designed and tested to be stable and not move during workout. The base has 4 foot pegs that can be adjusted easily for uneven surfaces.

Do the bands come with the Home Gym?

The optional Banded Barbell add-on comes with a basic set of resistance bands, but we suggest buying additional bands for more exercise variations.

How do you set it up?

The Home Gym was made to be setup as easily and quickly as possible. The bars easily slide into metal lined sockets on the base and each bar connects by simply clicking into place.

My ceiling is low, will it fit?

The Home Gym was built to be able to fit inside all homes or apartments. When setup, the pullup bar is 6 feet and 4 inches (76in) off the ground.